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Success and support beyond belief. Yes, honestly! Not only has Sarah enabled me to examine my self-sabotaging habits, but to let those go and put new ones in place. I’m eating - and drinking - in ways that benefit me, and I’m applying that outlook to all areas of my life. As a result, I feel brighter and better. And more able to cope with challenges which otherwise would’ve floored me.

AB, Hypnotherapy for weight management

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I bought a mini sample from Sarah on Monday so I have been using it for approx 3 days. I can genuinely feel a difference in how I react to things, I can feel that I’m nowhere near as angry or liable to scream and shout. My sample was for patience, motivation and tolerance. I can highly recommend her flower remedies

LH, Bach Flower Remedies for parenting stress

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Hypnotherapy with Sarah has helped me with my new venture. Sarah has such a manor to listen and advise that at the end of my sessions with her I felt like we had both been on a journey. If you are having difficulties in any area physical or emotional please let Sarah in on your journey to help you through step by step to being well and stronger. Don’t give up, get Sarah

LN, Hypno-Coaching for business

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Bach Flower Remedies from Sarah are having an impressive effect on my 13 year old son's long term insomnia. Immediately finding it easier to get off to sleep and easier to wake up. An added bonus is that he also has a happier demeanour and a more positive attitude! Result! We would definitely recommend Sarah.

LC, Bach Flower Remedies for a child's insomnia

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I have had one session with Sarah and already feel more balanced, positive and ready to face the world. Thank you Sarah for your approachability, your patience, understanding and exceptionally calming nature. I’m so very grateful xxx

GD, Reiki for stress relief

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Sarah helped me feel more peaceful and relaxed during a very anxious time. I really recommend Sarah's hypnotherapy especially if you have problems with anxiety, feeling grounded and low mood. Thank you Sarah

JR, Hypnotherapy for anxiety

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I sought out Sarah as I was really struggling with my anger. I have a four year old and was finding parenting very stressful and challenging. I found the sessions with Sarah hugely beneficial. Sarah's knowledge and experience in supporting parents made her the ideal person to work with. She offered brilliant solutions for my issues that I could easily implement. Sarah really reminded me of what's important to me; as a direct result of our sessions I have started running and find, as a result, my stress levels are much improved. I have also reconnected with my love of music and ensure I make some time for me, which had been lacking. The hypnotherapy aspect of our sessions was wonderfully relaxing and restorative. It was also extremely helpful in letting go on unhelpful and unhealthy thoughts. I feel so much better now and I truly can't thank Sarah enough for the transformation I feel I have undergone. I can now enjoy spending time with my daughter and feel released from the all consuming, explosive anger that had been plaguing me for so long.

CL, Hypno-Coaching for parenting

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This was my very first experience with hypnotherapy and I was a little apprehensive as to what to expect. I was also not sure whether it would work for me or not. I needn’t have worried, Sarah is so down to earth and put me at ease straight away, it certainly worked and got better with every session. 

I’ve just had my 4th session and Sarah has worked her magic, (and it is magic!) I’ve struggled with insomnia for at least 15yrs and nothing else has worked, I can’t tell you how happy and relieved I am, Sarah helped to retrain my subconscious around sleep has given me the tools to help myself going forward.

Sarah has said that I probably won’t need anymore sessions but I’ve booked a follow up in a couple of week just for my own reassurance.

I can’t recommend Sarah more highly and already have recommended friends, clients and family. Hypnotherapy is a powerful, effective therapy.

Thank you Sarah.

LB, Hypnotherapy for insomnia

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Sarah is such a good listener, and is able to pick up on nuance and the-difficult-to-say-out-loud stuff. She’s warm, nonjudgmental, and professional - and truly interested in helping her clients get to their best possible place. She hold the space for laughter and tears, and develops 100% trust. Highly recommended. Try a session with her - it might be just what you need, too.

AB, Hypno-coaching for life balance

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